Tax, Legal and Zakat

Hajar & Co. offers clients a broad range of tax and zakat services. There are tax and zakat implications in every business decision you take and every transaction your company conducts.

The tax, zakat and regulatory frameworks in Yemen are still evolving and are constantly being amended through the issuance of new laws, bylaws and/or decrees. Consequently, their application and interpretation could vary significantly, reinforcing the need for detailed and comprehensive local expertise. Our tax services are offered in Yemen through a group of tax experts specialized in tax strategies. In compliance with tax laws and regulations, we work in close coordination with our clients, with the aim to maximize the potential for increased after-tax income, simultaneously, minimizing the risk of adverse tax adjustments and penalties.

Our services offerings in the tax, legal and zakat functions include:

  • Review, preparation, certification of income tax returns and zakat declarations;
  • Tax and zakat compliance;
  • Indirect tax and customs services;
  • International tax services;
  • Payroll tax services;
  • Tax considerations for mergers & acquisitions;
  • Tax planning advice and assistance in effective fiscal management;
  • Advice on specific taxation enquiries and tax incentives; and
  • Assessments, follow-up and representation in front of tax authorities and post-tax representations during the appeal process with the taxation authorities.