Audit and Assurance

Hajar & Co. offers high quality audit and assurance services and a comprehensive array of solutions designed to help our clients understand business risks, determine acceptable levels of exposure, implement controls, and provide on-going measurement and monitoring of the risk environment.

Our audit services assist organizations in assessing the risk and compliance. Different audit objectives may be set for different projects depending on the nature of risks identified. Audit assignments may have financial, operational/compliance and value for money objectives or combine several approaches. A hallmark of our audit and risk practice is the deep understanding of links between financial reporting, risk management and shareholder value. We provide integrated services including internal audit, control assurance, regulatory consulting, forensics and enterprise risk management that identify risks and opportunities beyond the traditional financial reporting function. We provide special audit-related services for the oil and gas sector, contracted through the Ministry of Oil and Minerals (MOM), including agreed upon procedures (AUP) and compliance audits, in accordance with the PSAs (Production Sharing Agreements). Specifically, we perform agreed upon procedures and report on factual findings related to Cost Oil Valuation, Crude Oil Entitlement and Cost Recovery reflected in the Cost Recovery Statements (CRS). We also perform compliance audits of the Statements of Expenditure (SoE) to assess and report on conformity and compliance with PSA terms and provisions.

Our Services Offerings in the Audit and Assurance Functions Include:

  • Annual and interim Financial Statements audits (ISA based);
  • Interim and quarter reviews of financial information;
  • Forensic and diagnostic audits;
  • IT audits;
  • Internal audit and internal control assignment;
  • Compliance audits on the Statements of Expenditure (SoE) for oil and gas sector;
  • Report on factual findings of the Cost Recovery Statements (CRS) for oil and gas sector;
  • Accounting advisory, bookkeeping and outsourcing services;
  • Agreed upon procedures and compilation;
  • Assets register preparation and physical verifications;
  • Micro assessments;
  • Spot checks and special audits; and
  • Monitoring and evaluation.